Sniper Hawg Lights Exterminator II Hog Light

Manufacturer: Sniper Hawg Lights
Item Number: 601-SHL-FL2
Sniper Hawg Lights Exterminator II Hog Light
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  • The Exterminator II Feeder light comes with:
  • 20 watt solar panel for charging the battery
  • 18 amp hour 12 volt battery
  • Steel solar panel bracket for mounting the solar panel
  • 3 fully adjustable and fully focusable LED light heads letting your light up 3 separate areas.
  • Each head can be locked down once aimed in the direction you want, keeping birds or the wind from moving the heads
  • All three heads can be focused from a wide flood beam all the way down to a spot beam.
  • LED heads can be easily replaced, making color changes an option
  • Remote control to operate light from over 100 yards away.
  • With the remote you can turn the light on/off, low, medium or use it to turn the light slowly up or down
  • Has an internal switch to set the light to come on at low, medium or full power
  • Solar charge controller to keep from over charging or discharging the battery
  • Timer so the light can be set to run between 1-15 hours a night or all night every night
  • Steel flex cable on solar panel wires to keep varmints from chewing on them
  • U-Bolts for mounting light and solar panel to pole

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