Sniper Hawg Lights 38LRX Bow Light Pkg

Manufacturer: Sniper Hawg Lights
Item Number: 603-SHL-38LRX
Sniper Hawg Lights 38LRX Bow Light Pkg
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  • Adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam.
  • Only takes a 3/4 turn of the head to go from full spot beam to full flood beam.
  • Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the color the light emits.
  • Fully interchangeable with our 50LRX and 66LRX lights so you can easily convert this light to the 50LRX or 66LRX by buying a 50LRX or 66LRX head.
  • Runs on 1 - 18650 Rechargeable battery. (Comes with 2 batteries.)
  • 3 Color Light Package. Max distances each color will shine in yards: Red = 352, Green = 384, White = 527
  • Simply screws into the bows stabilizer insert.
  • Switch mounts to bow so light can be turned on/off at full draw.
  • Can be used as a normal flashlight with the included normal flashlight tail cap.
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any external wiring, switches and mounts, 1 year on batteries and charger.
  • An aluminum carrying case

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