Outback Wildlife Feeders 2000# Protein Feeder

Manufacturer: Outback Wildlife Feeders
Item Number: 104-OB-CP2000
Outback Wildlife Feeders 2000# Protein Feeder
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The Grub-Shak is an open-trough regulated feeder. The Grub-Shak will feed deer, sheep, goats, horses, cattle, etc. The Grub-Shak comes standard with all the ruggedness, reliability and durability that Outback is known for . The Grub-Shak is available in 1000# and 2000# capacities. Both models come with a built in rain shield and a removable ladder and platform. The Grub-Shak will evenly deliver feed in the round trough design. Even 3/8 in. cattle creep pellets work well.
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