Johnny Appleseed Feed Co Hog Candy

Manufacturer: Johnny Appleseed Feed Co
Item Number: 408-JAC-HCAPPLE
Johnny Appleseed Feed Co Hog Candy
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Hog Candy has a secret blend of berry extract that is unique by design; as are the results! The unique blend attracts hogs, deer, bear, and all types of exotics, when applied to grains, or any plant and green vegetation that animals forage on. Hog Candy is designed to pour over corn, grains, in gravity or spin feeders. Field studies have shown that Hog Candy is an incredible stand alone attractant when poured on the ground, stumps, and logs or around the base of trees.
Use 1/4 cup per 50 pounds of corn, when using in a spin or free choice feeder.
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