Elusive Wildlife Technologies Piglet Pro Bow Light

Manufacturer: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Item Number: 603-EWT-PigletPro
Elusive Wildlife Technologies Piglet Pro Bow Light
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The all new Piglet" Bow light is smaller, lighter, brighter and more versatile than previous bow lights. The Piglet" is ideal for bowhunters who want to install their favorite stabilizer for a more familiar shooting experience. The new Piglet" bow rail mount allows the light to be positioned just under the arrow for proper target illumination with a bow, even from ground blinds. The versatility of the Piglet" bow rail mount allows the user to easily attach a multitude of accessories.

  • Kit includes the green Piglet" Bow Light with swappable red and white LED's
  • Gives you options to use your light in a variety of hunting situations and as a long range white flashlight.
  • The Piglet" light can easily be mounted to a picatinny rail on your gun.

Features Include: 3 modes (low, medium and high) lightweight rail mount weighs in at 2.5 ounces, Genuine Mathews® Harmonic Damper", easy install optional bipod for ground blind hunting, attach your current stabilizer, add an Ultra-Light laser sight for quick target acquisition without removing your existing sight, quickly add accessories like camera mounts, fishing reels, lasers and bipods.

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