Elusive Wildlife Technologies Kill Light w/ Motion Sensor

Manufacturer: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Item Number: 601-EWT-KLMotion
Elusive Wildlife Technologies Kill Light w/ Motion Sensor
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This trusted feeder light adds a high quality PIR motion sensor for 360 degree detection around the light. Taking stealth one step further, "Anti-Spook Technology" slowly controls the light intensity with a gradual increase from low power to full brightness after motion is detected. This feature prevents spooking game with a sudden light burst at full power. You still get a 35-40 foot diameter of light under your feeder when placed seven feet off the ground. For added customization to fit more hunting scenarios and increased battery life, the Kill Light® Motion Feeder Light also features a built in timer that can be utilized in Motion or Timer mode. In Motion Mode, simple switch adjustment settings allow you to set the light to stay on for durations of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes after motion is first detected. As long as animals are active and in range of the motion sensor the light will remain on. This added enhancement prevents animals from being spooked by an on/off cycling of the light when wildlife moves in and out of range. In TImer Mode, the light no longer utilizes the motion sensor but instead turns on once the sun goes down via the integrated photocell. Simply adjust the internal switch controls for durations of 1, 2, 4, 6 or 10 hours of light after the sun goes down. The light can also be used just like the standard Kill Light® Feeder Light for all night operation. The light can be powered by 4 standard C cell batteries or by utilizing the included power cord, can be run off a 6 or 12 volt feeder battery for virtually maintenance free operation. Includes extremely strong, built-in magnets for quick and portable attachment to the bottom of metal feeders or control units. Also included are 3 quick clips for attaching to a varmint cage or hanging from a limb over a bait pile. For more permanent attachment, 3 self-tapping screws are also included. Gradual anti-spook technology will gradually increase the intensity over a 45 second time period. Package includes: Kill Light® Motion Feeder Light with built in photocell and PIR motion sensor, 3 self-tapping screws, 3 quick disconnect clamps, high strength magnets, and an auxiliary power cord with alligator clips. Batteries are not included. NOTE:When using the Universal Kill Light Remote with the Kill Light Feeder light, do not use the C cell batteries in the feeder light. The feeder light should be powered by an external 6v or 12v battery.

Color: Green LEDs
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