Duke Traps Coon Trap

Manufacturer: Duke Traps
Item Number: 703-DUK-TRAP
Duke Traps Coon Trap
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Raccoons are destructive and intrusive. Nocturnal by nature, raccoons will raid your feeder and leave it empty. They are clever and once they are successful in finding food, will return.

The functionality of our species-specific raccoon trap is the same with other raccoon traps in that an raccoon must reach into the trap, grasp the trigger and pull on it. Since the raccoon trap requires a "Grab and Pull" action to trigger the trap, it eliminates most animals from triggering it except for the raccoon. This raccoon trap is virtually dog, squirrel, deer and hog proof. The hole in the trap the raccoon reaches into to grab the bait is 1 1/2" Diamater.

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